In the latest years, new authors and lecturers such as Alex Red Kenaton have contributed significantly to depart from the old conjecture that science and metaphysics have insignificant mutuality.

It was considered by the majority that practising and studying spirituality, theology and esotericism contrasted harshly with the repetitive aseptic and exact methods of impassive scientists.  However, both worlds were urged and motivated by the research of truth and the love of humankind. Since physics has gained new instruments to examine mysteries such as black holes and subatomic particles,  something has changed, finding common ground to explore. When scientists faced mysteries regarding ultimate forces, they understood the necessity to use imagination and faith to solve those inexplicable occurrences or situations. The idea of a united universe in which everything is connected to everything else subatomically is changing the framework containing the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology commonly accepted by members of the scientific community. On the other hand, some metaphysicist are conscious of the necessity to disclose adequately in these challenging times, what they know about the existence of the soul and divinity, without the mediation of the religion, but through irrefutable pieces of evidence. Science and spirituality could merge together and give a trustworthy direction and a purpose to humanity.