Lectures are a traditional way of acknowledge and an important way of improving the learning experience,where usually attendees are comfortably seated in a room and are allow to take pictures or videos if they need it. There’s always time at the end of the ARK lectures for any questions people would like to ask and in general ARK lectures have many or most of the following characteristics:
  • An introduction to the topic and purpose of the lecture.
  • An overview of the theories or principles of the topic.
  • A discussion of competing theories or approaches.
  • An application of theory to practical concerns.
  • A summary with repetition and explanation.
  • An interaction with people with questions and answers


Tutorials are usually  periods that builds on and goes into greater depth than the lectures. Small group discussion are mostly conducted in tutorials and seminars.  ARK tutorials attendance can vary from 6 to ­12 people.Tutorials vary widely in structure and content and may be:
  • a very short ­lecture where impart further information and questions to interact.
  • a group where each person takes a turn as chairperson and share their perspectives.
  • a discussion structured around a topic that has been given by ARK are which and based on a particular matter that involve ARK interest or activities, such as: Humanistic Social Sciences, Physical Natural Sciences and Metaphysical Philosophical Sciences