ARK mind exercises are reflections practices in which to train the mind to induces a different state of consciousness/awareness. There are many definitions of consciousness for science, one of them is related to the relationships with themselves, the others and the Divine aspect in the mind. For ARK, there is One consciousness with different areas  related to attention. There are also, some different focus of attention: those are directions of attention which are influenced by intent. We are sentience beings, therefore able to perceive, to feel and to experience. In mindfulness exercises, there are a broad variety of practices, most of them are guided and ARK  guides: heart’s/mind exercises and meditation. These deep and profound mindfulness state, can lead to the reduction of the overwhelming personality, succeeding in rare cases to reduce the presence of what is defined, as the representation and the foundation of personality, which is called by many psychologists  “Ego”. In those rare cases, is possible to drop it, fears are vanished and replaced, by presence, compassion and acceptance having the perception of a pure eternal existence. In ARK experiences, the simplest way to do this, is trough the Heart. To free the mind with Heart’s exercises is an easy and effectiveness habit and the more is practiced, the more we can have greater awareness in the perception of the self . In common daily life, after practicing the Heart/Mind exercises, we can learn how to pay attention to life itself, to be aware and focused on our activities and relationship appreciating the details, controlling some negative emotions and for some, to give meaning to their lives. Even when we don’t think, during meditation, in the absence of thoughts, we feel  emotions such as: acceptance, gratitude, fulfillment, peace, love, compassion. We experience emotions when we born and when we die all day long. Emotions are not thoughts, but sensations, produced by communication and feedback between the heart, the brain, the hormonal system and the sensory organs.