«There are wonderful fragments of sacred knowledge in myths and sacred rites, in sacred sounds, in sacred art, geometry and there are profound messages in the holy scriptures from every culture that have been handed down.»



An entertaining workshop to share and delivering concise information about Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, Symbolism in Ancient cultures, Metaphysical Laws, Human Heart and its Electromagnetic Fields, combining all through their shared values and principles.This ‘Left’ Brained understanding is balanced throughout the day with ‘Right’ Brain practical exercises and meditations.


 Experiential Workshop

The Heart Gathering’s workshop is more complex : a two days practical and theoretical intensive course in which, several undisclosed information concerning the heart, are shared. Among an overview of Quantum Physics, Unified field theories and some ancient sacred cults, the workshop tries to find through practical exercises, a commonality, between science and spirituality. The Heart Gathering workshop unites the rational and the  intuitive, through the practice and knowledge of the physical heart. Many religions and spiritual teachings confirm what modern physics is telling us, lately . These similarities describe our heart, as the seat of all cognitive acts of the so-called soul and the main organ, activating our inner psychic and healing abilities.

Testimonial Workshops

“Just like to extend my love, gratitude and thanks to you all for your co-creating the wonderful event at Glastonbury.
Thank you Alex, I honor and embrace your willingness to bring and share all that your are so beautifully in the orchestration of these events.
So lovingly created with Max and Helen, who add their own unique and loving dynamic with such grace, power and beauty.
I look forward to the next journey together, building on the foundations laid at Glastonbury and London.”

Love & Blessings
Michael. F (U.K.)