Alex Redaelli Kenaton is a person with a vivid imagination, that manifests in his researches and writings. He has spent, almost 25 years of his life working as an Industrial Engineer in Interior Architecture’s range and received in the latest years, numerous accolades and honours – including several undergraduate and postgraduate course awards, certificates and diplomas. These have covered a wide range of fields : philosophy, theology, history, anthropology, ethics, morality, psychology, comparative religion, molecular and cognitive neurosciences. His tributes have come from some of top-rated universities such as:
Yale University, Harvard, Princeton University, The University of Edinburgh, M. I. T. – Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The University of Chicago. Alex is currently busy, studying with the Department of Continuing Education at Oxford University. He’s also a delegate active member of The Resonance Academy Foundation – a scientific organization whose studies focus on Quantum Mechanic’s Unified Field Theory. Additionally, he’s a facilitator of The HeartMath institute, which undertakes new revolutionary researches on the heart and finally, Alex holds a  Higher Diploma in Theosophy – issued by The Theosophical Society in England.
These different fields of study: humanities, physical sciences and metaphysical/philosophical sciences, have facilitated a broad interdisciplinary understanding in various aspects of human existence. Inspired by his new scholar’s life, he writes about metaphysics, comparing the results of the new scientific discoveries in physics, with classical spiritual texts, often finding remarkable similarities. In common with other new authors, Alex tries to demonstrate that the mystical and transcendental wisdom of ancient peoples, despite what many may think, is an archaic and poetic literary form, which describes the phenomena that involves the behaviour of matter and the phenomena of quantum physics.
His texts are often written with a sense of humour nonetheless he invites people to transcend outer circumstances and fears – to live joyfully and with appreciation and gratitude, to act responsibly but without fleeing or hiding under protective and illusory bubbles. He believes that by recognizing our strengths and challenges and by utilising willpower and perseverance with an acceptance when things don’t go our way, one is better prepared to deal with the ‘roller-coaster’ of life while self-exploring and progressing. His belief is that what seems to be the external reality is a reflection of our own consciousness and perception. He has observed that many, if not all, people, are looking for a way to understand and master their own lives. Alex thinks that the potential for mastery is real and is to be found, not only metaphorically, but in the heart.



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