“I AM SOUND” is a short simple book for  those who want to increase their understanding about the so-called: spirituality, metaphysics and life,without spending years, studying  or attending any esoteric or mystery schools. It is equally an invitation for experts in the matter and enthusiasts curious people to go deeper in their search. The main message of “I Am Sound” is: I vibrate, I play a kind of music with my emotions throughout my entire life, constantly. This incidental background music produced by my feelings, literally influences everything around me, shaping what Quantum Physics calls: “reality”. We are undeniably, all interconnected, bonded with everybody and everything, forming a Unity, a whole : this is basically the essence of many spiritual teachings. The title “I Am Sound” echoes obviously,  to “I AM”,  the acclaimed text of the Count of Saint Germain, a fundamental pillar of mysticism and spiritual esoteric literature, nevertheless, with the addition of “Sound”, it becomes: I’m playing, I vibrate in the physical reality a sort of music. In short, this is a book for all those who desire to know, to receive clear, concise and revolutionary information about spirituality from a rational point of view, using simple terms. This book merges in fact, science and faith, ways that until today have remained separate and antagonistic and deals briefly, with the awareness concept and experience significance. It includes many compelling themes such as: Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, Electromagnetism, Energies, Emotions, Yoga and similar practices, Religions, Symbolism, and much more.  Moreover, it contains, some adequate meditations and practical exercises coming from different levels of esoteric traditions.

Simple, entertaining and effective !