Alex Kenaton produces different forms of literary art. As novelist he has chosen some fascinating far removed timing in History. Although sometimes one is limited by source material to work with, he has breathe new life into the chronicles of Pharaohs, Emperors and rulers as well as common and forgotten people. He has drawed inspiration from the writings of ancient historians and relying to current academic archaeological evidences. However in the storytelling, he  has often walked the tenuous line between keeping faith to his scientific knowledge which is typically rational and his metaphysical  intuitive identity, willing to popularize ancient wisdom in the form of compelling stories. His research leads the reader breathtakingly, thorough undisclosed aspect of unheeded cultures and myths. Nevertheless, his stories are plenty of strong characters and the plots, are intriguing as many dialogues are profound and very often humorous. After spending part of his life in the field of interior architecture, Alex  returned to university and studied a wide range of topics such as: Philosophy, Theology, Anthropology, Ethics, Morality, Psychology, Comparative Religions, Molecular and Cognitive Neurosciences, to name a few. These different fields of study: humanities, physical natural sciences and metaphysical philosophical sciences, have allowed him to acquire an interdisciplinary understanding in various aspects of human life which are reflected in his first essays and lectures  evolving later in the fictional books.