Coach 1:1

How HEART MATH 1:1 Coaching Sessions Can Drive Performances.

One-on-one Heart Math coaching sessions have become part of many companies’ internal processes. Companies have realized the power of these executive ­focused sessions – Coaching executive with HM science drives high performance. Effective HM 1:1 coaching has a transformation impact both on the individuals being coached and the business.

It is about helping executives and employees to reach their full potential at work. How do managers use their HM 1:1 coaching sessions to drive performance? How can a simple conversation drive high quality work? It’s a simple and effective process in which  coaching conversations usually start with the executive and employers’ starting points i.e. their career aspirations then, it moves to explore how one can support them to develop an action plan in order to achieve those visions. A HM 1:1 coaching session is the golden opportunity for executives and employees to have a voice. It is their time to talk about what motivates them at work, what they want to improve on, and ask for feedback. HM coach is simple to listen and to pay attention to executives and employees’ achievements and struggles and bring out their potential to be the best by empowering them to find the best way to achieve their goals.

HM coach 1:1 is also to encourage executives and employees to set specific goals with defined expectations. Empowering and encourage them to challenge themselves, pushing their limits for a better performance with HeartMath techniques and skills. By focusing on the present and future, coach 1:1 will tell executives and employees that they believe in their abilities in the long run.

The monitoring offered by Coach 1:1 trough HM technologies will prove the effective progression in managing emotions, stress and fear , improving resilience and allowing heart coherence. These important capacities allow managers to be better people and resources for the company and to create meaningful career reaching their full potential.

Session are usually 4 or 6 in number and last 60 or 90 minutes depending on what issues and goals you wish to achieve. HM Coach 1:1 is available in the office as well as outside.