Discovering the Power of our HEART

We always speak about the heart without really knowing the power of this extraordinary organ.

HeartMathis a scientific institution and a non­profit organization that has committed more than 30 years ago to carry out scientific research on the heart which discovered the true heart functionalities. It is composed of cardiologists, engineers, physicists, biochemists, psychologists working together to indicate and share new revolutionary information concerning our biological and mental life.
The results of their researches  are extraordinary. The presentation program concived to introduce the coach 1:1 will explain how the heart is directly connected to the brain through the nervous system that constantly influences the decision-­making process, explaining how to become aware and conscious of the true functions of the hear­t-brain system.HeartMath techniques will tell you how at all times be physically and emotionally balanced, and allow the brain to make the most effective decisions. Understand what stress, anger, fear are, what they do and what they provoke .Understand what are the emotions and their relationship with thoughts. Learn how to transform stress, rage and anxiety using the heart and the biochemical relation  heart-brain.The program will in fact help you to keep internal batteries recharged at physiological and psychological level with constant levels throughout the day in order to be the best performance all the time, in your work, with family, with friends.

A seminar that combines current scientific information with a functional practical part and effective methods to live fully and in joy your life.