Alex has years of professional experience and expertise behind him which make him a man of credibility and integrity. He combines a sincere heart­felt desire to make a contribution with a genuine feeling for people and an instinctive and gentle understanding of how to help them move forward.
Barbara M. (U.K.)

Alex is a great teacher, a true seeker of  effective solutions that can improve the quality of everyone’s life giving new meaning and clarity to our existence. Trust in his experience and you will certainly be positively surprised.
Giulio R. (Italy)

Alex was born to be a spiritual teacher. He has the passion one needs to fully embrace everything that is considered sacred, particularly a fascination with science and spirituality. Now with a diploma in Theosophy, he is continuing his pursuit of the metaphysical Drunvalo Melchizedek ‘s School of Remembering. Additionally, Alex has a wonderful way of connecting with others. A true emphatic listener; I always feel he understands clearly and listens consciously. A kind, loving, soul.
Kristen S. (U.S.A.)

It has been a real pleasure working with Alex. He is kind, professional and very passionate. I look forward to doing more work with him.
Klaudia V.G. (U.K.)

Alex is a man who speaks from his heart. He has incredible intuition and understands the deeper layers that run beneath the surface. His personality is so generous, open and friendly and he’s extremely humorous! His genuine, gentle and calm manner combined with his passion to spread divine knowledge and love of humanity make for a wonderful , fascinating and loving man.
Helen G. (U.K.)

Just like to extend my  gratitude and thanks to Alex for your co-creating the wonderful event at Glastonbury. Thank you Alex, I honor and embrace your willingness to bring and share all that your are so beautifully in the orchestration of these events. I look forward to the next journey together, building on the foundations laid at Glastonbury and London.
Love & Blessings
Michael. F (U.K.)

Alex is one of a kind. Gentle, thoughtful, compassionate, generous, kind and loving to name but a few. He is the carrier or a huge amount of wisdom. An incredible teacher who, through his presence, guides you to travel deeper within your own being to discover the truth. I feel blessed to have Alex in my life and if you are reading this you’ve been guided to the right place.
Chris J. (U.K.)

Grande amico dal 1999, Alessandro è una delle persone più buone e generose che abbia mai conosciuto. Insostituibile compagno di viaggi, colto e divertente, mi ha insegnato un sacco di cose e mi è sempre stato vicino quando ne ho avuto bisogno. Pochi hanno il coraggio di mollare tutto e dare una svolta alla propria vita. Alessandro è uno di questi. Ale, ti auguro successo enorme e auguro ai visitatori del sito di conoscerti presto, perché son certo che ne saranno contenti!
Andrea DG. (Italy)

I have known Alessandro since we were both 5 years old and one thing I can say for sure: ” never in his company I have felt bored ” .
There is so much life and energy in his soul that transcends his personal sphere to illuminate those surrounding him.
Giulio P. (Italy)

I met Alex during my seminars and what initially touched me was his authenticity in admitting the shift he wanted to make to improve his path/life. Since then I saw him studying much, doing lots of introspection and transforming.
I wish Alex a wonderful and successful evolution at this new level as he continues being true and authentic with those he will encounter in his work.
Irene V. (Italy-U.K.)

Alex Redaelli Kenaton is a person of among the Highest Integrity I have ever experienced. He has a focused purpose on our current time line of rapid social change and infinite possibility on our amazing planet.A true and highly decent friend/Brother with a childlike joy and wonder for Life and being.I feel deeply blessed and joyful to have connected with Alex now.
Max H. (U.K.)

Alessandro è certamente un uomo fuori dal comune. Grande creativo, sensibile e empatico. Riesce a coniugare scienze e tecnologia a cuore e spiritualità; fa tutto cio’, con stile e grande professionalita. Per me il fatto che ha una bellissima famiglia conta piu’ di tante parole, è segno di grande coerenza e dal fatto che ogni giorno si mette in discussione.
Kristine B. – Dyal Mantra Kaur (Italy-Belgium)

Alex encourages us to pay attention to and follow our heart in all important decision-making for the betterment of our physical health and mental well-being. His scientific approach helps to clarify and prioritise our values, be honest with ourselves, and simplify our mental processing. I find his approach efficient and appropriate for today’s world overcome by stress. I highly recommend him!
Frederic B. ( U.S.A. – Luxembourg )

My deepest thanks for everything . It so surpassed anything I could have imagined. Your explanations of topics that could have seemed complicated were given with such clarity. Thank you Alex. That can only come from a deep knowing and understanding within you.
Moira S. (U.K.)